About Us

FlyingNeedleGallery.com is an eclectic collection of custom attire and accessories for self and home. Inspired by color and texture and the belief that we deserve to be pampered, Debra Janin creates handkerchiefs, carpet bags and napkins--utilizing indulgent fabrics such as velvet, silk and natural cotton -- to surround, brighten and appeal to the senses.

In a world that’s become increasingly ready-to-wear, there is something deliciously indulgent about couture accessories that are congruent, yet subtly express one’s particular tastes enough to be noticed. Accessories and colorful touches transform passé into trendy new looks and evolve current styles just enough to state “this is me.” In developing new brands, such as the PlanetScarf, Carpet Bag Creations and Colorchiefs collections, Janin is saying “over the top is just right.”

Keeping both fashion and function in mind, her designs draw on luxury, individuality, the influence of color and its mystical qualities, and perpetuating the art of craft. As a puzzle lover, patchwork became a passion, and weaves its way throughout. A range of moods from whimsical and playful, to sophisticated and sleek are available. And all creations are limited-edition or one-of-a-kind.

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Email us: info@flyingneedlegallery.com or call 212.683.7284